Lenovo IdeaPad Z580

In this review, we focus on the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 and evaluate whether it ranks among the best laptops for college.

While Lenovo is a favorite in the workplace, it is now producing some more affordable notebook computers geared towards budget-conscious students and anyone who’s looking for a good value for money computer that’s reliable.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is perfect for individuals seeking a sturdy, affordable and high-performance laptop. With a 15.6” display, a resolution of 1366 x 768 and impressive HD graphics, the Z580 will always provide the user with an exciting visual experience.

This has become more important over the past few years because the video is becoming a more significant part of everyday online and offline activity.

Top notch, realistic graphics are a massive plus for users who plan on gaming or watching videos. It doesn’t come with a dedicated video card, so it may not be the best option for college students or users who want to run top of the line 3D games during their spare time. However, it does well with the moderately demanding sports, so you’re not left out.

While many HD screens pose the problem of screen reflectiveness and poor viewing at an angle, the quality Lenovo Z580 screen has a low level of reflectiveness and functions well in poor conditions with its anti-glare display.

Lenovo IdeaPad

Its Intel Core i5-3230M processor allows for the user to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without any lag. The user can play an interactive game in one window, surf the web in another and watch a video in this laptop’s DVD burner without the interruption and annoyance of slow-loading times.

Another small but positive feature of the Lenovo Z580 is its comfortable AccuType keyboard, which includes touch-sensitive hotkeys.


  • 15.6” display, resolution 1366 x 768 and HD graphics provide for excellent visual experience
  • Low screen reflectiveness
  • Affordability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sturdy build
  • Significant amount of storage space (1000 GB Hard Drive)
  • Good multi-tasking capability- does not lag even when multiple applications are running
  • Comfortable, well laid out keyboard


  • Weak battery
  • Low Maximum Sound Volume

Whether doing your research paper or completing your summer job internship at your dream company, you’ll be happy to know that typing on this chiclet-style keyboard is comfortable and the keys are firm.

This is a common concern of people who need to type a lot of writers, students, and bloggers. It also comes with a number keypad which makes it faster to do those Accounting class homework or financial statement modeling.


One drawback of the keys is they aren’t backlit, so you don’t get the benefit of seeing them in the dark unless you have a desk lamp.

No concern is needed as far as damaging this laptop. Its sturdy exterior is built to prevent dents, bends, scratches and even fingerprint smudges. For users with a past of damaging their devices, the Lenovo Z580 is their solution.

Although the Z580 is sturdy, it possesses a compact, sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance (colors to choose from are bright white, red or brushed metal). The Lenovo Z580 also has the benefit of a 6 GB DDR3 Memory and 1 TB 5400RPM Hard Drive, storage space which is among the highest of laptops currently available in the market.

The RAM assists the already powerful CPU so you won’t have issues in not being able to load or run any of the required applications. Overall speed is breakneck.

The massive one terabyte hard drive, on the other hand, is a music and file downloader’s dream. Save all the video, apps and movies you want, and install games and software as needed, you’ll probably still have some space left over.

This attribute makes this laptop ideal for professional use in a workplace or classroom setting. Transferring data is made simple through the Lenovo Z580’s two high-speed USB 3.0 ports, and another two more of the standard USB 2.0 version.

Laptop IdeaPad

One of the few disadvantages is a weak battery, which will “die” if the computer is running unplugged for more than four or so hours. And, if the user is performing a function such as playing an elaborate video game, will give out after two hours. This negative aspect may inconvenience users who are on-the-go and not next to a power outlet.

While the Dolby Home Theater sound settings do not exhibit any sound distortion, the maximum volume is relatively low when compared to other laptops in today’s market. This problem can easily be solved with a pair of high-quality headphones; the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 headphones are a significant affordable investment for sound enhancement.

If you’re worried about after sales services, there are warranty upgrades, warranty extensions and accidental damage protection are available with the purchase of the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580.

For those looking for an affordable notebook computer for school, the IdeaPad Z580, with its features and performance make it to our list of best laptops for college students.