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Purchasing a laptop can be an expensive decision; the various brands and features offered by different laptops make this decision even more difficult, making it integral to have adequate knowledge of the multiple brands of laptops. The various laptop brands available each cater to different types of laptop users, with some focusing on innovation and design and others on affordability. The following article will review the best and worst aspects of the various laptop brands available on the market, ultimately making it easier for you to decide which brand of laptop to purchase.

Before you go throughout the brand list, it is essential to get an idea of what you want and need out of your laptop.

  • Do you need a high-quality resolution and display for watching movies and playing games?
  • Do you need a decent sound system for music and movies?
  • Do you emphasize sleek design?
  • Or do you just need a decent, affordable laptop for writing, email and work activities?

Although the feature labels on a laptop come with all sorts of details on what each unit comes with – there are three main concerns you should be using as comparison benchmarks.

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  1. Processing Speed:  This is the rating on how fast the computer can process information and isn’t as crucial for people that just use their laptops for reading emails or surfing one website at a time – but if you are a multi-tasker or are into playing games or even running large programs – a laptop with a faster processing unit in it is a must.
  2. Memory:  Many people get confused when they think about the ” memory ”  of a computer with the ” Hard Drive .“    The hard drive is actually where all the data is stored such as your movies and picture files – the memory ( or RAM ) is your computer’s measurement on how much memory has to run a program as individual files have to be loaded for each application.  A person who has a lot of windows open and a lot of programs running will need a system with a higher memory quotient.
  3. Hard Drive:  The Hard Drive is the filing cabinet of your laptop and the bigger the hard drive – the more data that can be stored.  Hard Drives are measured in GB ( Gigabytes ) and the more, the better if you plan on saving a lot of movies or videos.   The top end laptops go up to terabytes in hard drive capacity.

Answering these questions will help you eliminate specific brands and focus on the ones that meet your standards. For example, if you do not place value on design and high-quality resolution, you may want to consider purchasing a cheap Acer or HP product and stay away from the higher priced Apple products.   Alternatively, if you want an excellent quality resolution and sleek design, you may want to spend the extra money on an Apple or Lenovo product.

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Acer provides sleekly designed laptops for generally affordable prices, making them an excellent choice for the budget-conscious customer. They possess well-made palm rejection and multitouch gesture recognition, providing a responsive, comfortable laptop experience. Additionally, their higher-end units come with excellent audio enhancement, full HD resolution, and wide viewing angles. The only downside to Acer products is their lackluster technical service by phone and the iffy touchpads on some of their cheaper products. However, ultimately Acer provides a wide range of laptops for both low and expensive prices, making them an excellent choice for all types of laptop users.

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From portable iPads to laptops, Apple has been dominating much of the electronics industry in the recent years. Between the MacBook Pro and Air, Apple products provide a minimalist, compactly designed laptops that still manage to contain high-quality hardware. Additionally, their keyboard and trackpads are the best on the market, with excellent feedback and great backlighting on the keys that create a smooth, flawless laptop experience. Their displays are bright with excellent viewing angles, and to top it off their customer service is top notch. Ultimately, Apple laptops offer the most consistent, quality products on the laptop market. Although they do not provide many budget-priced opportunities, for those willing to spend the money, they have plenty to offer.

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Although the ASUS brand started off near the bottom of the laptop heap, in recent years their multiple improvements have made them a great, reliable laptop brand. Their sleek, brushed metal designs and the inclusion of a screen on the lid of their Taichi 21 make them an excellent choice for those who like innovation in the design category. Their keyboards also provide comfy, bouncy keys with great feedback, as well as a lack of flex. Furthermore, their displays are fantastic, giving high-quality resolutions and excellent viewing angles and their sound systems provide a precise listening experience even at the highest volumes. The significant features listed above in combination with a great selection of cheaper priced options make ASUS an excellent choice for any laptop user.

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Despite the fact that Dell has struggled to keep up with the more innovate Apple and Lenovo brands, their laptops still provide reliable, consistent quality. Although their designs can be on the bulky side, they make up for this with keyboards that consistently offer comfy spacing and response combined with great backlighting. Additionally, their displays provide high performance, and their Alienware models have excellent audio and video hardware. Ultimately, Dell laptops offer consistent quality at reasonable prices for those who cannot afford to invest in the higher priced laptops such as Apple.

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HP notebooks are currently the best-selling in the world, inching out the Lenovo brand mentioned below. HP laptops provide great designs, with some featuring glass on their lids and others featuring a brushed aluminum chassis. The keyboards are not as comfortable as Lenovo or Apple laptops, although they offer attractive keyboard layouts and adequate backlighting. Furthermore, their responsiveness is very high, making them very easy to use with little problems. They also provide screens with plenty of color and detail, and the inclusion of Beats Audio with their products ensures that you will always get excellent audio quality. Although HP laptops are not as innovative as Apple or Lenovo, their products possess great value and plenty of price ranges for notebooks users of all budget types.

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Lenovo is fast becoming one of the biggest notebook sellers worldwide, and the reasons are apparent in the quality of their products. Their sleek, carbon fiber designs and bright colors make these excellent choices for those who want the quality of an Apple laptop with a bit more style and flair. Their keyboards are very high-quality, offering plenty of space and resistance to water and spill damage. Additionally, some of their products provide a Windows 8 convertible with three user modes, which is unprecedented. The only downside to Lenovo laptops stems from their IdeaPad line, which sometimes has small keys and cramped keyboards. Despite this flaw, Lenovo is one of the top laptop brands right up there with Apple, providing consistent, high-end laptops that are guaranteed to please.

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Samsung has long been a staple of electronic products ranging from TVs to computers, and have always been known for their quality. Their laptops are no different, sporting lightweight designs and high-end hardware, especially in their Chromebook line. However, where Samsung laptops shine is in their displays and sound systems, which offer beautiful visuals and great audio, especially on the higher-end products. The only downside to Samsung laptops is their keyboards, which range in quality. Although some offer comfortable typing experiences, some lack multitouch features, others have thick palm rests, and many provide no backlighting. Despite these downsides, Samsung laptops provide excellent quality as well as a few budget-priced options.

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Another long-time staple of the electronics market is Sony, who continue to provide high-quality laptops for their customers. Their great use of color and products that utilize a thin chassis make their laptops very aesthetically appealing. For example, the VAIO Series 13 line of Sony laptops come in five different colors, making them excellent choices for those who place a lot of value on the appearance of their computer. Additionally, the display and audio of their products are typically high, offering 1080p displays with wide viewing angles and quality sound systems. However, one downside of Sony laptops is the fact that some of their products contain backlight leakage, decreasing their effectiveness. Ultimately, Sony provides quality laptops with a wide variety of price ranges and features for many types of laptop users.

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The once famous Toshiba brand has fallen below the higher quality of its competitors, although they still offer a vast range of value-priced products with an adequate level of quality. Many of their products feature bright displays with a wide range of vibrant colors, as well as robust sound quality. However, their keyboards possess slippery keys, and their designs are far from Innovate. At the end of the day, although Toshiba laptops provide great options for those looking for an affordable laptop option, they are not suited for laptop fanatics looking for the highest levels of quality and innovation.

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The Bottom Line
Apple, Lenovo, and ASUS are the current brands dominating the laptop market, offering high levels of quality and innovation currently unmatched by their competitors. However, for casual laptop users looking for a simple, affordable options, ACER, Dell, HP and Toshiba brand laptops are your best bet. All of the brands mentioned above have their benefits and downsides, and each is better suited to specific types of laptop users. After deciding what is most important to you in regards to your laptop preferences, use the above list to determine what brand offers the most suitable products for you. Purchasing a laptop can cost a lot of money, especially if you do not know the differences between the names you are buying. Make sure that you know what you are purchasing. Otherwise you will end up paying money for features that you will never use – or a laptop you wish you had never bought.