Apple MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is the premier Apple notebook for consumers. The Retina model is geared towards video and photography professionals, as the rest of us do not need the insanely high pixel density of the Retina display.

On the other hand, the MacBook Air is perhaps more suitable for students and professionals without the need for very high computing power.

High-End Specifications

The MacBook Pro is a high-performance machine. Its specifications are customizable at purchase, and even the base model will provide you with a powerful tool. The 15.4-inch screen hosts a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, which is higher than 720p standard high definition but lower than 1080p full high definition.

The processors that power the machine range from an Intel i5 clocked at 1.8 GHz, to an Intel i7 clocked at 2.7 GHz, depending on which version you decide to get. You can expect to get the those running the i5 processors at around the $1700 mark, whereas being ready to cough up $2000 or so for the higher end i7 CPU versions.

The base model comes with 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for basic computing tasks such as web browsing, streaming HD video from Netflix, playing games, word processing, and presentations. It can likewise handle moderate photo-editing. It does, however, allow you to install up to 8 GB of RAM for more demanding programs.

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Excellent Graphics Capability

As with all notebooks that come equipped with Ivy Bridge processors, it comes with built-in Intel’s HD 4000 graphics, which is fine for moderate gaming. This 15-inch model adds a powerful Nvidia GeForce GT 650m graphics card with 512mb of dedicated video RAM to that, which will handle the latest games without a problem.

This is where the real value of the MacBook Pro comes out. After all, if you are spending to get the top end display quality, it doesn’t make sense to have a slow graphics engine that won’t be able to push out excellent images and animation. Doing would negate the benefits of the high-end resolution capability.

Apart from gaming, the Nvidia GeForce video adapter is also why the Apple laptop is a favorite among advertisers, designers, video editors, computer animators and even professional photographers. If you’re a student or someone starting out in these industries, this is one of the notebook computers to consider.

To whom is the MacBook Pro aimed?

It can be considered a desktop replacement, though its relatively light weight and thin chassis make it easy to travel with.

And while the MacBook Pro Retina model is aimed at professionals, the 15.4 inch Pro model is aimed squarely at consumers. They have more than enough computing power here to manage their daily computer tasks: most of us do not need high photo and video editing programs that require 16 GB of RAM and hyper-threading that tricks your operating system into thinking a quad-core processor has eight cores.

Can it handle Netflix, email, moderate to heavy gaming, word processing, and browsing? Yes, with ease and much to spare! The MacBook Pro is best utilized as a desktop replacement. If you need the space and want a beautiful, sturdy and efficient machine, then the MacBook Pro is an excellent option.

MacBook Pro

Is the price justified?

It depends on your situation. While it is true that you can buy specs Windows laptops similarly for less than you’d spend on a MacBook Pro, you won’t be able to experience its build quality or the resilience of Mac OS to malware and viruses.

Though it is worth noting that the limited market share of Mac OS is probably the reason why computer villains haven’t developed viruses for it: it isn’t worth their time,

Most laptops are made out of polycarbonate and synthetic plastics: the MacBook Pro is composed of an aluminum unibody, a single piece of aluminum that makes it incredibly resilient to bumps and scratches.

The downside of this, of course, is that customization is mostly out of the question. Most of the variations will be based on the models Apple decides to produce. And while there are a lot of applications that now work on both Mac and Windows, there are still some developers who do not create versions of their software that are compatible with Mac users.

It’s a tradeoff: do you prefer aesthetics and toughness over functionality, or do you place a premium on upgrading parts and having the freedom to customize.


  • Excellent overall performance. Very fast, smooth transitions and responsive.
  • Sturdy build quality and made with high-quality components.
  • The display is excellent. Both video and graphics come out sharp and clear.
  • Slim design and very quiet during operation.
  • Battery life lasts a lot longer than your standard laptop.


  • More expensive compared to a Windows notebook carrying similar technical specifications.
  • Not all programs and games have Mac versions, though the more commonly used ones like Microsoft Office and Photoshop do.
  • The memory of the base 15-inch model is only 4 GB, while hard drive space is 500 GB. You can opt for higher amounts, but that option costs more.